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5 Questions to Consider if You're Thinking of Selling this Spring

Posted by Blog Admin on Monday, February 11th, 2019 at 10:41am.

Are You Ready to Sell? The decision to sell your home can be difficult.  You love your neighborhood, your kids’ school system, and the neighborhood pool, but you’re just too far away from work. That commute is killing you. Or maybe your family has grown and your lovely little house seems bursting at the seams with…people.  There are plenty of reasons to sell, but making the decision can be overwhelming without asking a few questions to put it in all perspective. 

  1. How healthy is your financial situation? Whether you are looking to move up or downsize, your credit score and savings are important factors. A PSP preferred lender can examine your finances as a whole and help you to determine your loan eligibility and what your monthly payments will be in a new home. Knowing what you can afford will direct your home search and give you peace of mind that you are not over-extending.
  2. Do you have substantial equity in your current home? If you have owned your home for five or more years, your monthly mortgage payments have likely made a good dent in the principal owed and you may be living in a significant “savings account." Plus, home values in the Metro Atlanta area have generally risen, which means your home might be worth more than you think.
  3. Are interest rates low enough to entice you? Not only will you likely become a buyer yourself if you decide to sell, but low interest rates bring more qualified buyers into the market and will produce an easier, faster sale. Although they have risen over the last year, rates in our area are still near historical lows, and it's still a great time to buy.
  4. Have you outgrown your current home or community? Your first home might not be the best fit as your family grows and your needs expand.  You may need a better school district, better access to public transportation, or a home closer to where you work.
  5. Is the housing market healthy? If homes in your area are selling fast, your market is hot, and your home is likely to sell quickly, too.  In general, the Metro Atlanta real estate market right now is humming.  Homes priced right are selling quickly, and there is a general shortage of homes appropriate for first-time buyers.  However, the market in your local area might be slower, which should not be a deal breaker, but just one more consideration since it may take longer to sell and you’ll need to plan accordingly.

We hope this list helped you in your decision to sell.  Still on the fence?  You can receive a FREE Comparative Market Analysis by clicking HERE.  Sometimes knowing what your current house is worth is the best first step to take! 

Peggy Slappey Properties, Inc. is a Metro Atlanta real estate brokerage with over 35 years of experience in real estate sales and marketing.  From new home construction to resales, we can help you find the home of your dreams.  To see our current listings, visit and call us for expert advice at 770-271-5555.  Keep up to date with the latest PSP events and offers by checking in on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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