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Love others around you today and always

Posted by Julie Slappey on Thursday, February 14th, 2019 at 5:36pm.

Loving yourself is not about arrogance or narcissism. It’s about believing the value that you provide others and the world. 

I believe in you and your value. 

It’s time you believe in your value at the highest level. The most powerful way to develop this loving relationship with yourself is… To love on others. 

Here are 10 Ways to c: 

1. Listen without interrupting. You might be someone who wants to get to the bottom of the issue right away. If you can spare one more minute you might hear concerns and answers you wouldn’t have before. 

2.Speak without accusing. Be respectful. Understand that you can’t control what is said or done to you but you can control how you react. Do you think people will love you if you’re constantly accusing them of doing wrong? Make a TEAM effort to resolve the issue. 

3.Give without sparing. It’s not a matter of how much, just give generously.

4. Pray without ceasing.  There is immense power in letting it go and knowing there is a larger, greater plan that you have yet to know anything about. 

5. Answer without arguing. Ah, pride. “Yes, but…” Sound familiar? Are you so busy constructing your answer that you can’t focus on the relationship? Are you happy about how you ‘showed up’ to a situation? Take a breath. Wait a beat. This will do more for you than a hasty reply ever will. 

6. Share without pretending. ‘Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses,’ or in other words ‘Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie.’ We’ve all been there. You make plans to get along with the crowd while simultaneously making plans to get out of them. If you want to say NO to going out on Friday because you want to say YES to a gym/spa day Saturday, start with the honesty from the start. It’s better to share your honest thoughts rather than flaky excuses later. 

7. Enjoy without complaint. Another Morning=Another Miracle. Enjoy every breath. Enjoy your health. Enjoy that flat tire because you have a car to change a flat tire. Enjoy that you have to go grocery shopping AND do laundry because you have the money, clothes and means to do so. Enjoy every single day and all the things we simply overlook. Isn’t it a great day?! 

8. Trust without wavering. Trust yourself. Completely. Trust in your abilities, your power and your will. Have unwavering trust that you’re exactly where you need to be, doing what you need to be doing. Trust in your team and those around you that they’re doing their duties to the best of their ability. 

9. Forgive without punishing. It’s just spilled milk. Your child will remember how you reacted, they won’t remember it spilled on your new dining room chairs. 

10. Promise without forgetting. When dealing with clients you should always underpromise and overdeliver. Remember when the family said they loved the kitchen in their new home and surprise them with an engraved knife as a closing present. A wonderful gift they’ll use and remember you every time. 

“Act Without Expectation.” ~ Lao Tzu. 

Be Love. Do Generosity. Have Prosperity. 

Act without Expectation. Give without Hesitation. 

Receive without Guilt. Prosper without Fear. 

Love without worry. 

Love… there’s enough for everyone. 

Take as much as you want! 

Spread the Love, Share this message with those you Love. 


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