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Fallen Trees: Who is Responsible?

Posted by Blog Admin on Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 at 1:34pm.

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, Metro Atlanta saw thousands of downed trees, and today many in our area are still without power. As line crews continue the hard work of restoring power, we thought a few reminders might make clean up a little easier in your neighborhood.

  1.       Obviously, if there is a downed power line anywhere near your fallen tree, call your service provider and local authorities. DO NOT try to remove the tree yourself.
  2.       If the tree fell on your home or vehicle, call your insurance company first, before lifting a single limb. Typically, homeowners will receive direct reimbursement from the insurance company itself, but your agent can recommend tree removal companies to make your life easier.
  3.       Take lots of photographs. If your home or vehicle was damaged, photographs are your ticket to a reimbursement check after repairs are made.
  4.       Where the tree falls determines who is responsible for its removal and clean up.  Surprising, right? If your neighbor’s tree falls onto your house, you are responsible (or your homeowner’s insurance is) for costs associated with removal and repair.
  5.       Typically, homeowner’s insurance will not cover any costs associated with tree removal unless there is damage to the house itself. A tree could take out half of your fence and fill up your backyard, but unless it damaged your roof, windows, patio, or other structure attached to the house, there is nothing they can do. Removal will be the owner’s responsibility.
  6.       Be smart if you choose to remove the tree on your own. Emergency rooms are full enough without adding chainsaw accidents to the mix.  Remember, you can always call your local Peggy Slappey Properties agent for recommendations on tree removal companies; we work with these companies regularly and know who you can trust.

As residents of Metro Atlanta continue to clean up in the wake of Hurricane Irma, our continued prayers are with everyone affected, especially those in mandatory evacuation areas, where they’ll soon return to survey the damage. Watch the PSP Facebook page for opportunities to donate to trusted hurricane relief organizations.

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