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Tips and Reminders: Realtor Safety Month

Posted by Blog Admin on Wednesday, September 19th, 2018 at 10:03am.

September is Realtor Safety Month, a good opportunity to review how you stay safe as a realtor and to update your routine if needed.

There are too many stories of predators who target real estate professionals, including one from Gwinnett County in the recent past. Read about it HERE.  The encounter left the agent bloodied and battered, now a cautionary tale to inspire more vigilance in other agents. Here are a few practical ways to make your job safer:

  • Always let someone know where you are and who you are meeting. Have someone check in with you at an appointed time and have a plan in place if you don’t respond.
  • Park on the street, not in the driveway, so your vehicle cannot be blocked in.
  • Allow potential buyers to walk in front of you as you show them through homes. Never lead them into basements.
  • At open houses, have a route of escape if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Use safety apps like those available through Homesnap and Showing Time.
  • Remember your safety codes and procedures. They have changed!  Need a refresher? Call 770-271-5555 for details.
  • Practice situational awareness. If you feel uncomfortable, listen to your instincts and act.
  • Carry pepper spray and keep it at the ready while showing homes.
  • Be careful how you advertise your sales services, especially on social media outlets. It’s easy to give the wrong impression that might attract a predator with intentions of theft or worse.
  • The new hands-free law went into effect this summer, so DO NOT text and drive. This is a hard one for realtors, but it’s a sure way to keep yourself and others safer on the road.

There are tons of resources available to keep you safer at work. The National Association of Realtors partners with several safety apps and publishes new information on a regular basis.  For more safety tips, check out  There is nothing more important than your personal safety. Realtor Safety Month is a great time to review your own procedures and update them where needed. Stay safe out there!

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