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VA Loans: Are you Eligible?

Posted by Julie Slappey on Friday, May 26th, 2017 at 1:18pm.


For American families who have chosen to serve our country through military service, These loans are designed to save veterans money and allow them to buy their piece of the American Dream when they return home.  But not every veteran is eligible.  There are four qualifying groups:

  1.      Active Duty Service Men and Women.  The qualifying person must serve at least 90 days in the military during a time when the country is at war.
  2.      Active Duty During Peace.  The qualifying person must have served at least 181 days as full-time military personnel during a time when the country was at peace.
  3.      National Guard or Reserves Service.  The qualifying person must have served at least six years in either the Reserves or the National Guard.
  4.      Surviving Spouse.  The qualifying person must be a surviving spouse of a person that either perished while serving in the line of duty or died due to a disability related to their service.

VA loans may even allow veterans with less-than-perfect credit to qualify!  If you are one of the brave Americans who has chosen military service, a VA loan could help you get into the home you’ve always wanted.  As we prepare for Memorial Day 2017, we’d like to do everything we can to help those who have volunteered to keep the rest of us safe at home.

For help determining your eligibility, you can contact Peggy Slappey Properties’ preferred lender, Sylvia Taylor at Fidelity Bank, at 770-649-4946.  You can also read more on VA Loans by visiting the US Department of Veterans Affairs HERE.

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